R&D and Innovation
- Three-piece beverage Cans
- Milk powder Can
- General food Can
- Aerosol Cans
- Twist Caps
- Crown Caps
- Steel Drums
- Chemical Cans
- Printed and coated tinplates
- Two-piece beverage Cans
- Aluminum Bottle
- Easy to cover
- Plastic Packaging

Products – Aluminum Bottle


Main Application: Providing diversified quality aluminum bottles for beer & beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

Technical Specifications: D35,D40,D45,D50,D53,D59

Manufacturing Equipment: Integrated with multiple automatic video detection devices, can washers and sterilization devices, the production line is fully configured in accordance with strict quality requirements of high-end clients. With a designed capacity of 240 cans/minute, the production line is equipped by world advanced technology and is capable to produce specialty bottles with individualized appearance. All the parts are purchased from suppliers such as Hinterkopf, Schuler, Tema etc..

Complementary distribution: Hangzhou

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