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Products – Aerosol Cans


Main Application: Aerosol cans mainly for packaging household chemical products, such as air fresheners, personal care products and insecticides and other chemical products, such as car care products and construction glues.

Technical Specifications: CPMC manufacture four types of cans: φ45, φ52, φ57, φ65, and have three systems of deformation pressure: 1.2Mpa, 1.5Mpa, 1.7Mpa.

Manufacturing Equipment: CPMC have the advanced aerosol can production lines, equipped with internationally-renowned facilities such as Swiss Soudronic welders, Italian Coster and Swiss Wilco leak tester.

Complementary distribution: Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Tianjin;

Main customers: Shanghai Johnson; Shenzhen Rainbow; International and local brands;

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