R&D and Innovation
- Three-piece beverage Cans
- Milk powder Can
- General food Can
- Aerosol Cans
- Twist Caps
- Crown Caps
- Steel Drums
- Chemical Cans
- Printed and coated tinplates
- Two-piece beverage Cans
- Aluminum Bottle
- Easy to cover
- Plastic Packaging

Products – Twist Caps


CPMC’s major product. Mainly for food and beverage packaging. Our world class printing & cap-making lines ensure an annual capacity of 1.3 billion pieces. Our dedicated team of professionals takes pride in the timely delivery of superb designing, plate making, tinplate printing, and end making to customers. Their commitment, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strategies are instrumental in helping the company stay in front in the packaging industry in China.

This series of products have passed ISO 9001Quality System Certification, Swiss SGS HACCP Foodstuffs Safety Certification, American FDA, and European Union Foodstuffs Safety Certification. Our superb quality products are exported to Germany, France, Spain, the USA, Japanese, Australia and Asia-Pacific regions.

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