R&D and Innovation
R&D and Innovation

All facilities are in the use of standardized quality management system. Quality control and checks in the production process both obtained ISO9001: 2000 certification for quality control system and HACCP certification. All of the operating branches have received ISO9001: 2000 certification.

The company has implemented a series of systems to ensure that all stages of the operation, including raw materials procurement, processing, storage and transportation to improve the strict quality and safety control.

The company also installs on-line detection system to realize the quality control and monitoring across the product production process and establishes Three-step On-line inspection system in order to ensure product quality.

In compliance with industry standards, the company adopts higher product standards and norms, such as the standards of three-piece beverage cans, milk cans and aerosol cans were higher than the industry standards. In addition, the company regularly offers staff the training of the Group's own standard.

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